BLACK NINJA Extreme Braveheart - Neo

DOB: 29.06.2013


at birth: 263g

at 3 weeks: 1190g

at 6 weeks: 2,6 kg

at 12 weeks: 5 kg

Adult: 45 cm, 12 kg



Colour: born black, will probably turn grey ;)


Owner: Daniel Elling Eichler


My puppy notes:

week 3: wags his tail to human, walks and stands steadily

18.07.2013 He doesn't like deworming :)

01.08.2013 Happy and playful, one of the first to retrieve and carry toys in mouth

07.08.2013 excellent recall, plays and retrieves really nicely, doesn't get distracted easilty, really active

08.08.2013 follows nicely, plays, doesn't get distracted by sounds, investigates, really nice puppy :).