BAYONETTE Extreme Braveheart - BB

DOB: 29.06.2013



at birth: 318g

at 3 weeks:1190g

at 6 weeks: 2,6 kg

at 12 weeks: 4,5 kg

Adult: 38 cm

HD A, ED 0, Shoulder free of OCD


Colour: black

Owner: Lisbeth Jensen, Denmark


My puppy notes:


Week 3: black girl didn't like the deworming and she protested quite vigorously.


01.08.2013 Small, really cute earset, happy, playful, nice retrieve


07.08.2013 Very lively, plays and retrieves, fights with other puppies ;)


08.08.2013 a little cautious in a new place, gets distracted by sounds, but seeks comfort from human when scared. Plays and retrieves, but gets distracted easily.


BB is the cute one :). Not that she lacks for drive - but she had this "girlish" sweet quality about her. Apart from that very lively, active and playful puppy :).