Bad reasons to get a Pyrshep

  • because La/ Le/ Evo/ Brava/ any other Pyrshep doing great in agility is SOOO cool,
  • because I don't want a Border Collie or a Sheltie or whatever,
  • because I want to be succesful in agility,
  • because it's cool to have a rare breed,
  • ...

Good reasons to get a Pyrshep

  • you are totally insane, or
  • you really know and love the breed - their looks, their sensitivity, their nervous energy, their crazy ideas, their smarness, their barking... (ok, you don't have to LIKE it but at least be able to tolerate it) and you're convinced that you can fulfill its needs, love the dog to the end of his/ her life and be happy together :). 

Pyrshep horror stories

Somehow most of this stories will be about Vigo or Evo :P, but believe me, every Pyshep is capable of this :). 


1. As a puppy, Vigo slept 4 hours a day. Literally. Ok, sometimes he took an additional 5-minute nap now and then but that was mainly in order to lull me into momentary  lack of vigilance and get into some mischief. He barked for 19 hours and destroyed valuable things for the remaining hour.


2. Pyrshep can eat just about ANYTHING. Evo ate a living beetle, huge piece of cloth, half the jar of lard, Flaszek eats poo, Vigo ate a huge piece of sponge, styrofoam, some fluffy toys (without chewing), lots of LEGO blocks and I could go on and on and on. 


3. As some of the things Pyrsheps swallow are not edible at all, they frequently vomit and they chose best possible places (like your pillow) and moments (like when your friend, who doesn't like dogs visits you for the very first time) to do so.


4. They bark. A LOT. They bark when they are happy. They bark when they are scared. They bark when they are excited (and they get excited easily). They bark when they are home alone and they miss you (and they like to be with you all the time). They bark when they see something strange. They bark when they see something familiar. And so on. 

Underneath you'll find a video with SOUNDTRACK (turn your speakers...eee... on?), but for now just imagine some of the following situations:

- you come back from work/ party really late at night. Your very vigilant Pyrshep hears you when you're two blocks away and wants to point you the right way, so what does he/she do? Yes, it barks. LOUDLY.

- you have just put your baby to sleep, which took you 40 minutes of singing lullabies and now you're looking forward to that 1 hour of free time, during which you intend to check your e-mail or Facebook or do laundry or whatever, when your Pyrsheps sees a sparrow flying by the window and... you guessed right. He/ she barks, the baby cries, you use some bad language and so on. 

- you get into hotel and manage to convince the owner that your dog is really nice and well-behaved so they allow you to stay with dog. And then your Pyrsheps comes through the door, sees that creepy rubber plant that clearly wants to get you and well, barks his/her head off.


5. Pyrsheps love rollling in smelly things. Once Olga was at agility seminar with Vigo. The seminar was outdoors, there was no running water nearby. After the seminar she decided to walk the dogs before putting them in the car and Vigo rolled in cow's shit and smeared it all over himself.... Imagine a 7-hour drive from Warsaw to Wrocław with open windows, dog in the crate in the back seat and the penetrating smell of cow's shit. Another time Vigo rolled in some long-dead animal, also just before getting into the car and then Olga got stuck in a traffic jam...\


6. Pyrsheps love to kiss you (French kiss) and cuddle, which is usually cute, unless you add that to point 2 (Pyrsheps eat just about anything) and point 4 (Pyrsheps love rolling in smelly things). Also, they tend to sleep on you or very close to you, which is cool, but sometimes makes it difficult to find any place in bed for yourself. 


7. Pyrsheps STEAL. It's not ordinary stealing, they are masters of crime. They will climb everywhere like cats, they will sqeeze into the tiniest hole, they would open zippers (the smart ones) in your bags, pockets etc or just eat the bag or the pocket with whatever is in it, they would get your sandwich the moment you blink... you get the idea. 


To be continued. 


Silke Lange's post on Pyrsheps

Silke Lange is the owner of du Mourioche kennel, she bred Babou, father of Brava's litter, as well as Silvia Trkman's Le, who became Agility World Champion 2015 in medium, which of course caused another wave of interest in Pyrsheps. 

With Silke's permission, I copy her post about pyrsheps:

To all of you who ask for a Pyrshep now - When you buy a pyrshep you get a pyrshep. Not a potential world champion. When you love this breed with all of its crazyness, when you are able to create a fantastic bond to your dogs, love them the way they are, see everything with them just as fun, train them every day (and no, I don´t talk about daily agility training!), have a sense for dogs as yourself were a dog and can run and handle like a world champion - then, but only then, you have a very small chance to become world champion one day. When you are eager to get an agility champion - you will fail.
To get an exceptional "agility" dog you must be an exceptional trainer. Please think about this before you all run to pyrsheps now - it wouldn´t be fair to your dog otherwise.