BAZOOKA Extreme Braveheart - "Zookie"

Date of birth: 29.06.2013


at birth: 312 g

at 3 weeks: 1,3 kg

at 6 weeks: 2,7 kg

at 11 weeks: 4,5 kg

at 16 months: 10,3 kg


Height: 42,3 cm 

Colour: black


Owner: Laura Reinhalter, Austria



Zookie grew up to be a fanstastic bitch :) She goes everywhere with Laura, so she is really well socialized and can relax everywhere. On agility course she really is a crazy rocket though. She still reminds me a lot of my beloved Brava, as she has very similar body proportions and can make the same faces. She even has the same jumping style as Brava (which is actually not so perfect but it got better in time with Brava, so hopefully will be so with Zookie as well). And of course she is also a black beauty <3


My puppy notes:


17.07.2013 (day 19) - loud, active puppy, demands attention, searches contact with human. 


20.07.2013 - protested agains collar (scratched and shook a lot)


01.08.2013 - very social, happy puppy, accepts everything calmly (fell asleep in the bowl during weighting).


7.08.2013 - plays and retrieves nicely, gets a little bit distracted with sounds


08.08. 2013 - follow human nicely, plays, investigates new room with a little caution, gets distracted by sound of running water but recovers quickly and plays. 


All in all, one of my favourite puppies, very social, excellent structure, really nice play drive, relaxes easily. She is quite a personality, the world is definetely her oyster :).