Date of birth: 02.02.2009

HD A/A ED 0/0

Height: 42,5 cm

Agility: A3

Best results (so far): 7th place in EO 2012 final medium, 6th place agility individual medium at AWC 2012, 1st place in team jumping medium AWC 2014, Norwegian Open winner 2014, 3rd place team jumping medium AWC 2015, 2nd place Norwegian Open 2015


Stud available to selected bitches. 


About Evo: 


Evo is really crazy, has excellent drive, will play anywhere and with anybody :). He is not afraid of anything, always ready for some mischief, really creative and bold when thinking about ways to steal food :). He believes in practical quid pro quo rule. Evo gives his all in playing, working and eating, that's why he got a nickname "Alligator". He's also very friendly towards people and tolerant of other dogs. 



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