Date of birth: 29.06.2013

HD A/A ED 0/0

Height: 44 cm

Weight: 11 kg


 Agility : LA3

Stud dog available to selected bitches.




About Brego:


Brego, son of Brava, is new addition to our family. I had hard time chosing a puppy from this litter - they were so cool I could keep all of them ;). Brego actually had a rough start. He screamed while the others were nursing wasn't gaining weight.  A week of sleepless nights, spent on making sure that he is eating (we waited until one of stronger puppies started to suck, then we moved them to another tit and attached him to the one with milk flowing already), weighting him a hundred times a day (Roman said it helped him ;)). He doubled his birth weight as the last one of the puppies on his 11th day - but from that moment we believed that he will survived and he got the name BARBARIAN FIGHTER (Barbarian to honour our friend Barbara and Fighter, because he fought so bravely). He was the smallest puppy for a long time, at one point the biggest one was almost 400g heavier than him - but for sure he wasn't the weakest anymore. Maybe because we handled him so much in the beginning, he didn't even notice it anymore and could sleep whatever you did with him :). 

I was really torn between him and his sister BAZOOKA - but there was something about him... I didn't realize it for some time, but every time I was picking a puppy from the pen it was him and I kept telling everyone how brilliant he is, carrying toys and retrieving and... :). So finally I made up my mind to go on a whole new journey, because he's not like any other of our dogs - he's one of a kind already. 

He is really brave and nice boy, plays everywhere and greets with everyone - and that's all I want from a puppy this age. He is a bit picky eater which is totally new experience for me, as all our others dogs will chew the treat with your fingers if you don't let it go soon enough :), but he sure doesn't lack for drive :). 


Update on 08.11.2014


So, the smallest puppy from the litter became the biggest one :). I was actually planning to get a Pyrshep for large category some day and although I admit I planned it for later and meant LARGER (like 48 cm or so, not dog on the limit), I'm actually quite excited about a new journey for us. Brego is everything I could have hoped for: really nice dog to live with, lots of motivation and will to please, while at the same time being a bit crazier (and louder) than my good girl Brava :). He loves his toys, is very nice to other dogs and very friendly towards people as well. He also finally outgrew his coyotte/ hyena outlook and actually turned out to be quite a handsome boy. 

He already debuted in our zero class in agility and did great, so I hope we have many great starts to come :). 

Update 03.11.2015:

Brego is maturing somehow, although he is still goofy and funny and sweet. He's doing really well in agility, fighting bravely against much bigger dogs and always giving it all :). Running with him is pure pleasure, he is getting better and better, gaining experience and confidence. He's becoming really reliable and we're always having tons of fun :). Another thing we're trying a bit is obedience, as he has huge potential for it and who knows, one day maybe we find the time to actually compete :).