Good days and worse days...

We've moved to a new place :) Which means we have awesome places to walk the dogs all around and everybody is enjoying it a lot. I guess that covers our winter condition training as we're taking longer and longer walks every day :). 


Roman competed a bit with Brego when I was away on a seminar and got two legs to A2 already :). They have one more competition together this year, so who knows :). People told Roman that Brego is faster with him than with me, which is possible since Roman is faster than me :) - see the video below.  But still I'm not giving Brego to him! :P He's mamma's boy. 


Apart from that, we've been to competition in Kladno, which was really nice as usual. I had lots of fun running with Brego who was really good boy, qualified into the final (and than I run into a jump and eliminated us). He's getting crazier too, so we got some funny eliminations with one tunnel / one jump too many :P but I take it as a good sign of more obstacle focus :). We need to work a bit on reacting to opposite arm on threadles though, also with Brava - looks like I've been overusing double crosses a bit ;). 


Brava was awesome and won the entire thing in a cracking run :) 


Flaszek progressed to A3! Can you imagine that? <3 He's just getting cooler and cooler.


Roman didn't have much time for training with Evo recently and it showed a bit ;) some great runs and some messy runs. Unfortunately one of the messy runs was in the final ;). 


Our oldies... well, Vigo refuses to admit he even is an oldie, still has more energy than everybody around, which he uses to terrorize everybody around (well, he would like to terrorize everybody, but nobody gives a damn, so in reality he is just growling all the time at noone in particular) and destroy toys and other things.


Sunday is not that well... There are still some lasting effects of the vestibular syndrome, which makes us think she also suffered a minor stroke as well. Her balance is not so good. She sometimes seems absent, sometimes pees in the house (although it got better since I started treating her as a puppy and just watch her and let her outside each time she wakes up, gets excited, after eating and so on). She has better days and worse days. Sometimes she is happy to go for a long walk with us and is happy and active as ever. Sometimes, especially when it's cold and rainy, she just sleeps all day and doesn't want to go for a walk - and we let her stay at home than. But all in all, it's hard for me. It feels like I'm loosing her bit by bit. I don't mind the extra care that she needs, I don't mind the extra visits at the vets, but the fact that sometimes she seems not to recognize the place she's in or people around her is heartbreaking. 

Her bloodwork is mostly good, although she has a bit high levels of urea, so we started with special food and she is getting drips to flush it out. I'm administering them at home myself, since they are being given just under the skin. Well, those are moments in which she turns into her old self, whining all the time. Never thought I would miss her making a total racket at the vets with even the most minor, totally painless procedures... but since she's been QUIET at the vets at several occasions when she felt really bad, now I'm kinda glad each time she isn't quiet (mind you, I'm not enjoying her being in discomfort, just the fact that she is strong enough to protest against it...). Oh well, we'll do anything to make her as comfortable as possible for as long as possible. 


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