Busy spring :)

We were again long time away from home - first we spent a couple of lovely days with Tamara and Ivo in Belgium on seminars and competition. Tamara and Ivo's place is perfect, nice hosts, lots of space to train, nice place to walk the dogs and a bar with good spring beer - couldn't get much better :). The competition was somewhat funny, haven't ran this type of courses for years ;) nevertheless our dogs had their share of wins, among them Brava and Evo winning estaffette together :) and little Brego winning jumping 2 :). Flaszek had lots of fun on some easy jumping courses, which is really good for his motivation, so all in all we were quite happy with the competition. 

We got some pictures from Caroline Huart :). It's always funny to see Brava and Evo, they look so similar yet their expression is so different (Evo the crazy boy and Brava the good girlie). And smiling Brego :). 

After coming back from Belgium we had just one day break and then we went to Prague to another competition. We wanted to run some courses by Alice Bohacova, as she will judge our qualis in 2 weeks (plus I actually like her courses although usually I get some stupid elimination at the end...). The competition was just two exams each day, so we also had some time for sightseeing and just relaxing. Evo had some nice runs with really good contacts and so did Brava. I also decided to try 2o2o with Brego for the first time in competition and he did great :). On the second day I tried running, first one wasn't so perfect, the other was much better, all in all he got two legs towards A3 and 2x first places. He also had an "almost perfect" run with one refusal at the LAST jump, but I'm really really pleased with him so far. Still long way to go, he needs experience with different obstacles, surfaces etc as well as some more muscles, but it's great fun to run him :). 

I'm getting more and more in love with this brave little doggy :) and could watch him move for hours :). And also this time we were lucky to get some wonderful photos from Arceas Photography <3

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