Silesian Open 2015

So, last weekend we organized a competition in Czeladź. It was really quite big event with almost 160 competitors from 7 different countries, 2 great judges (Sandra Deidda and Petr Dostal) and lasting from dawn till night ;). Well, everybody who has ever organized a competition knows that organizing and running do not necessarily go well together, but still we managed to have some successes. We were 3rd in medium team agility, medium team jumping and team medium combined with our Pyrfection medium team (four pyrsheps Evo, Brava, Eyt plus Dorka from Czech Republic). Brava also won individual jumping and individual agility runs on Sunday, Evo was third in individual jumping. Flaszek and Brego also did great, they weren't on a podium but had nice enough runs to qualify in the final large :). Brava had really nice run in the final and then missed one jump after the dogwalk - I was a bit too much behind and the jump was pretty close to the wall and she has problems in such situations. So we didn't win a pink tunnel :( but won lots of cool other prizes :).