My debut with Flaszek :)

After a small break cause by some minor injuries plus crappy weather, I managed to start in a small competition 20 minutes away from our place. The weather was really perfect, considering it was an outdoor competition, we ran 3 A1 exams. For the first time ever, I competed with Flaszek and I'm so proud of our special black boy :). We didn't get any clean runs: I wasn't in perfect shape and constantly misplaced myself on the course, Flaszek had a "bad A-frame contact" day and Brego had weird day in general. He really jumped dogwalk contact in the first run and it looked so weird to me that I just continued and decided to wait what would happen in next run. He also knocked two poles and missed one slalom entry (that was because of me, I pulled him too much in the wrong direction and also I think I gave him the signal too late) - none of these is typical for him, so perhaps he was also a bit out of shape, as we haven't trained much recently. 


But now to positive things: I really enjoyed the courses. Flaszek was really relaxed and happy (apart from the moment when he got scared of the judge near the down dw contact, but he survived and was a bit better in next runs), he chased his ball and tugged with me, which is really great, especially that normally he is much better in indoor venues. He was running well and his jumping technique is improving too :). Brego was great on contacts apart from this first dw, I really loved his see-saws in particular and he is getting crazier and faster on every competition :). So all in all, despite lack of successes this time, we all had nice time and some new experiences :). 


Plus, well, the competitions are meant to show us weak points as well, so I'm thinking of plan B concerning Flaszek's contacts to make him faster and more confident (and not miss A-frames of course)... we'll see :). And maybe it's also time to start with Brego's 2o2o? I'd love to have them as backup plan same as I did with Brava... 

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