A very merry unbirthday!

Today is a very special day, as the Brabous turned 18 months old! That means they came of age and can compete in agility, start in adult classes in dog shows etc. I wish them a very happy and succesful lives and I'm pretty confident they are well prepared and will continue to give their owners love, lots of laughter and many happy moments for years to come!


Zookie and Babou had their first official agility tournament today and were officially measured for medium (42,3 cm and 41,5 cm respectively). Below you can download video of Zookie's run - looks what a happy and confident girl she is! And lovely contacts <3 (running contacts are definetely genetic :P not that I'm denying that Laura did a great job with her). 

Zookie's first agility trial :)
MP4 Video/Audio File 2.3 MB

And here are Babou's runs <3 Love her speep and lovely 2o2o as well!

And more bragging today - Daniel has sent me video of Neo doing sequences with full dogwalk (he was using my method to teach it, which makes me even more proud). 

Well, what can I say. I've bred awesome puppies thanks to great mummy Brava and super daddy Babou (and lots of help from friends as well as pinch of luck) and chose fantastic owners who are doing great job with them. Most importantly, I know they are happy and loved dearly <3. 

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