We're having a bit of down time right now - our last competition was end of November (pretty cool one actually, but since I didn't manage to write a decent post on it, you're welcome to just check out the videos on Roman's yt channel) and our next one is going to be BACK in the beginning of January. We're pretty excited about this one, especially that it will Brego's debut in an "adult" A1 class, so keep your fingers crossed!

In the meantime we're just enjoying long walks plus some additional work on the exercises ball. As we don't have access to any indoor training facility, our training in winter highly depends on the weather and while we don't have any formal break from agility, we train less often and more of "elements" like crazy weaves and contacts than sequences. 

We did manage to film some sequences recently though (if you're interested, the course maps can be found in the Agility - our courses section of the website). Both Flaszek and Brego are doing great and getting better and better - the perfect yellow doggies being still perfect and knowing it all :). So - enjoy the videos and some photos below :). 

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