Happy Birthday!

Our special Brabous are 1 year old today! All in all, I'm really happy with this litter, they seem to combine the great characteristic of both their parents: nice structure, excellent drive and friendly and couragious nature :). So here is a little update on how they're all doing in their new wonderful homes!

I would like to wish all Brabous wonderful life with lots of playing, long walks, cuddling and sharing special moments with their owners :). 

So, this is our first born, BRIE STREETSMART Extreme Braveheart. He was born on the street outside the vet's office and weighted 312 g :) (now is he's 42 cm high and weights over 10 kg). Big boy! He lives with Siv in Norway and has the best life a pyrshep can have - lots of activities, loving mummy and best pal Chablis :). He is learning agility, swimming, tricks and some scent work, keeps his owner company during ski trips and is also very succesful show dog! 


Siw writes about him:

I'm Brie. About 9 months ago I moved to Norway, where I live with Siw and Wheaten Terrier named Chablis. I am happy all the time. I love everything and everyone. And I make friends everywhere. I am very fond of RUNNING agility, swimming, playing with Chablis (and harassing him a little when he doesn't want to play with me). When my mum watches TV, I livke to lie in her lap and snuggle. I love to be petted and scratched. When my mum grooms me, I am not only smart but also beautiful. I have two excellent and 2 times the first place from the show ring, so my mum says I'm going to be a Norwegian champion. Did I mention than I am a very happy dog? And I love food and I'm hungry all the time.  Sometimes I end up in a little trouble because I eat something that should not be eaten. But how am I to know it wihout tasting it? Braveheart is my kennel name and I live up to it. I am very tough and fearless. I love new things. It makes me HAPPY!

Second puppy to be born was BAZOOKA Extreme Braveheart, now called Zookie. She weighted 318 g :) (now she is about 42,5 cm and 10 kg). There was something special about her from the beginning, she knew what she wanted and how to get it :). I was really hesitating whether to keep her or Brego, but finally she went to live with Laura in Austria. She keeps Laura company wherever she goes, to a pub or to a university - and as pyrsheps love to be with their humans, she is very happy :). She is also very very well socialised, can relax everywhere. In a nutshell, she is her mummy Brava in black, makes same faces and is just as great. She trains agility and some obedience, learns running contacts and was chosen as BOB by the president of RACP Alain Pecault, so she is also a beauty!

Here is what Laura wrote about her:


"Zookie is really a calm dog at home, at university lessons, at restaurants etc. (except in her frequent crazy 5 minutes :D). But when there's something to do she's from 0-100% in 2 seconds . She is running free at every agility trainings because she's just sitting on my lap and watching or walking around. Until I take out her toy, then she's suddenly turning into a crazy, barking, growling monster. She really likes other dogs, especially puppies. It's really funny how surprised people are when they see she's a nice pyrshep - obviously we dont have that many friendly pyrsheps in Austria. Her only really annoying habit is, that she likes to bark at dogs when we're walking somewhere in the woods. I have the feeling she's really content and satisfied with herself afterwards and she feels like she protected us all . Training Zookie is really so much fun, no matter what. She's really nice in obedience and now it's also much fun for me. Feels just like some tricks in a row . Agility training is also going on really fast, we started to train weaves with 2x2 method. I just wanted to try and then switch to channel, but I really like what I got after 2 sessions so we will maybe go on this way. It's just a little bit dangerous because Zookie likes to jump on me and tries to bite me when I don't click her . She exactly knows what she wants ".


The third puppy was another merle boy... very special one, as it turned out :). Brego weighted 277g, now he is 42,5 and nearly 10 kg :). He is very sweet boy, still a little puppyish (he still doesn't lift his leg and acts like a puppy in interactions with other dogs, which actually is a good thing, since he really gets along well with the rest of the pack). He is really smart and fun to work with, knows lots of tricks, loves agility and becomes crazier everyday. We also do a bit of obedience and frisbee from time to time and he has excellent potential for both. He loves swimming, running, retrieving and is a perfect mama's boy, who cuddles a lot :). He is fearless, which generally is a good thing, but I have to wach him all the time because he sometimes has crazy ideas, like jumping from high places or running into other dogs. 

Fourth puppy was a merle girl, BAZINGA! BABOU Extreme Braveheart weighting 295 g. Now she is also about 42 cm and 8,4 kg. She lives with Simone and Stefan and their 4 other dogs. From the beginning she was really active, moving all the time (she somehow managed to get out of the box in the car when we were coming home from the vet after they were born) and she still is so. She trains agility and seems just as great as all her siblings and parents! 



Plus, she is still strikingly beautiful :) and has her mama's smile :). 

Fifth puppy was another black girl, BAYONETTE Extreme Braveheart, now called B.B. She weighted 318g, but now surprisingly she is the smallest of all puppies, about 39 cm high and 9 kg. B.B. lives in Denmark with Lisbeth and her border collies. She is really cute little girl, resembling Z Tylenu Moravia line most of all the puppies :). 


Lisbeth wrote:


A huge dream came true on 29 June 2013 as a little PyrShep puppy by the name Bayonette was born. She moved in with me 8 weeks later and she was worth the wait. Today she goes by the name B.B. after her mother Brava and her father Babou. She is the most charming, cheeky and absolutely amazing PyrShep you can imagine. She is neither scared of people nor animals – she thinks everybody loves her and she loves to play with everyone she meets. She is easy to train because she reacts strongly to toys and play in general, so hopefully she’ll become my new agility star. Furthermore she is a terrific family dog. I have never before had a dog as happy and cuddly as her. However, if you ask my grandson, he will say that she is very sweet AND wild which makes perfect sense – she is ceazy just like the breed in general Today B.B is one year old. She is 38-39 cm and weighs 9 kg. I sincerely thank Olga for my pride and joy. I love her beyond words Lisbeth


Here is BB training a little agility and some new pictures of her:

The last puppy to be born was BLACK NINJA, weighting  263 g. He lives in Denmark with Daniel and his family. His calling name is Neo and he also decided to surprise us - first of all he turned from black to grey and secondly he is probably the biggest of all puppies, almost 43 cm and weighting 10,2 kg.


Daniel says about him: 


I have been blessed with the Py-shepard, Black Ninja Extreme Braveheart alias Neo. My first year with him has been wonderful, he makes me laugh every day, what more can one ask for. As a family dog he is perfect for all of us but especially for my for 2 years old daughter Thea, he is her best friend and playmate it is touching to see the special bond that they having developed. Neo is working really good with our pack of 4 dogs and he all so get good with strange dogs, he tries to play with them at their level of intensity. With strange people he can be a little arrogant since he see no use for them unless they are willing to give him a treats or play with him, but he is as the breed description a one family dog. Neo has an excellent mentally for working and he has a wonderful drive, he just loves to work. I all so love to work with Neo since it is wonderful to work with at dog that tries to do everything to perfection, so I always go home high after training with him. So a big thanks to Olga and Roman for letting me buy him and for all the work they put in to him before I got him.


And here's Neo agility video, you can see he is incredibly talented dog!

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