Pyrenean Breeds Club Show - Pyrshep Easter

We spent Easter Sunday in Czech Republic on dog show of Pyrenean Breeds. Alain Pecoult, the president of R.A.C.P. was judging, so it was a great chance to meet with a real expert of the breeds. We decided to show Flaszek and Brego (I was afraid that Brava will be in heat and Evo has no coat right now). I was really curious what the judge will say about Brego and especially his colour, but Brego got excellent and really nice description: 

Fine specimen of demi long variety of the breed, a little feminine and delicate at the moment, lightly built, rear angulation typical for demi-long variety of the breed, coat a bit soft at the moment, excellent head and expression, excellent temperament, very nice pointed nose, excellent dark eyes, well set ears, excellent momevent, excellent set of the tail, could flow a bit more in movement. 
Excellent, 1st place


Flaszek was quite stressed by the circumstances and his marks were lowered for that (he got very good). The judge also said that his head was too narrow and that it was his biggest fault. Apart from that he got quite nice description:

Good size, good head, but too narrow, good ears, dark eyes, a bit fearful, great colour, coat a bit too soft, excellent structure, could be a little longer, excellent movement, could flow a bit more. 


In addition, we met with Laura and Zookie :). Zookie is really wonderful, the judge also liked her A LOT, so she won the BOB and JCAC and everything :). 


All in all, it was a great pleasure - Alain Pecoult would give really thorough description, he justified his judgement, giving really interesting information about the breed, he looked at overall picture, not allowing any detail (such as size or colour) to influence the grade too much, but took everything into consideration, he paid attention to character which I really appreciate. He was interested where Brego and Zookie come from, so I showed him Brava after the judging was finished and he said he liked her a lot and that she was really nice bitch :). 

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